Founded by a group of passionate archaeologists and adventurers, Digworld gives you the chance to have a genuine archaeological adventure, learning from top academics, getting hands-on at the world's most important sites and research projects, trekking to remote archaeological sites and making amazing discoveries.

Dig with, and learn from, highly respected archaeologists

Get exclusive access to off limits areas

Enjoy luxurious accommodation and great food

Fund important research through our profit donation scheme

Trek in the footsteps of history



Searching for Agamemnon


Wow! Join our small group on this exclusive luxury trip to join the team excavating and researching the Bronze Age palace of Mycenae, fabled home of Agamemnon, hero of the Trojan War.

May 2019

Walking with Otzi


Mountains and archaeology - one of our favourite combos. Learn all about the icemand, Otzi, learn from top academics and join us in a breath taking hike to his find location.

June 2019

In Hannibals footsteps


in 218BC Hannibal crossed the Alps and stormed the Roman empire. New archaeological research has finally identified the route. In this challenging trip we re-trace his steps over the Alps.



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