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In 2019 we can offer a range of exclusive experiences at the world famous site of Mycenae in partnership with the Mycenaean Foundation. So, if you’re planning a trip to Greece this summer (or would like help organising one) and would like to add in some very special experiences then get in touch.

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Archaeologist for a day


Under the leadership of Professor Maggidis of the Mycenaean Foundation, the team from Dickinson University have been excavating the Bronze Age palace of Mycenae for many years.

Join Professor Maggidis and his team at Mycenae as they continue this work, learn excavation techniques in the dig-simulator, participate in fieldwork, pre and post excavation activities.

June - Sept 2019

Off limits at Mycenae


Take a tour with on-site academics on the acropolis of Mycenae, access off-limits areas (Cult Temple, underground cistern, less visited Tholos Tombs), as well as the recently excavated Lower Town. Embark on a private tour of the Mycenae Museum, followed by a drinks reception and lecture (could be on Mycenae or topics including ancient warfare and diplomacy, ancient theater, archaeoastronomy, ancient music and much more) at the Mycenaean Foundation Center. 

June - Sept 2019

In Agamemnons footsteps


Join us for an active walk from the acropolis and the Lower Town of Mycenae to the famous Classical Temple of the Argive Heraion, following the work of Pausanias, the famous Greek traveler and geographer. Or, walk from the citadel of Mycenae to the tholos tomb of Prosymna through visible remnants of the Mycenaean highway and bridges/dams, visit Roman public baths, Byzantine churches, and abandoned/collapsed stone watermills.

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