Searching for Agamemnon

May 2019
6 days circa £2500

What an opportunity! We have the exclusive rights to run a trip to actually join Professor Maggidis and the team at Mycenae as they survey and excavate this famous Bronze Age palace and fable home of Agamemnon. Our small group will receive bespoke training, lectures and tours as well as enjoying fine Greek food and entertainment.


Archaeological context

Under the leadership of Professor Maggidis of the Mycenaean Foundation, the team from Dickinson University have been excavating the Bronze Age palace of Mycenae over over X years. 

In 2016 they made the most amazing find - a piece of a stone throne from the throne room of the palace that was destroyed by earthquake in 2nd millennium BC. Could this be the throne of Agamemnon himself?

Key info

  • Exclusive access to the palace of Mycenae
  • Training in excavation and survey techniques
  • Lecture programme
  • Exclusive field trips and events
  • Group celebratory dinner
  • Luxurious hotel accomodation

Amazing training

Learn excavation techniques from Professor Magiddis and the team at Mycenae.

Exclusive access

Walk and work in areas of the palace and environs off limits to the general public

Wonderful events

Poetry, food lectures, dinners



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