Walking with Otzi

June 2019
5 days circa £1500

Archaeologic sensation, media star, research topic, museum object: 

Ötzi is a glacier mummy from the Copper Age, who, thanks to extraordinary circumstances, has been preserved down to the present day. Little by little, he has imparted genuine stores of knowledge. He was discovered accidentally by hikers in 1991, together with his clothing and equipment, on the Schnalstal/Val Senales Valley glacier and has been the subject of intensive research ever since.

We start this trek in Bolzano with a tour of the fantastic Otzi Museum, before embarking on our walk to his finding point at 3200m in the Tiesenjoch pass. We'll spend a night in a mountain refuge before descending into Obergurgl for a celebratory night and a touch of luxury.


A man from another era

Over 5300 years ago, Ötzi was crossing Tisenjoch/Giogo di Tisa in the Schnalstal/Val Senales Valley, South Tyrol, where he was murdered and preserved naturally in the ice.

He is therefore older than the Egyptian pyramids und Stonehenge and the result of a series of highly improbable coincidences. Ötzi lived during the Copper Age, a period of the late Neolithic. He was still using stone tools but owned an innovative and very valuable copper axe. The skill of extracting and processing metal had recently arrived in Europe from Asia Minor. The advent of copper marked the beginning of the Bronze Age.


Key info

  • Wonderful short mountain trek
  • Breathtaking views and scenery
  • Learn all about Otzi
  • Group celebratory dinner and luxury hotel
  • Walk with experienced mountain leaders

Amazing hiking

We'll follow the Via Alpina veers north as the trail crosses the Niederjoch (3019m), very close to the site where Ötzi the Iceman was discovered. 

Then comes a change in scenery with the crossing of the largest glacier massif in the Alps, the Ötztal, before descending to the wooded Inn Valley. 

Learning all the way

Ötzi and his artefacts have been exhibited at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano, Italy since 1998.

The mummy is stored in a specially devised cold cell and can be viewed through a small window. Ötzi’s numerous pieces of equipment and clothing have been painstakingly restored. Visitors have been amazed by the skills of Stone Age people. 

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